H A W T H O R N E   T R O O P    1
M E R I T   B A D G E   P R O C E D U R





1.     Decide on a Merit Badge that you would like to earn.  This could be  like a hobby, sport or special interest topic, or an Eagle Required badge.


2.     Discuss your Merit Badge interest with your Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster.  Some Merit Badges may not be recommended for younger Scouts.


3.     Get the Merit Badge Booklet. Our Troop Librarian holds Merit Badge Booklets for many of the popular Merit Badges.  Call him, ask if he has the Merit Badge Booklet that you need.  If the Booklet is in the Library, ask him to bring it to the next meeting, or arrange to get it from him.  If the Troop Library does not have the Merit Badge Booklet that you need, you’ll have to buy it at the Scout Shop. Please don’t write or mark the Merit Badge Booklets.  


4.     Request a Merit Badge Card from your Scoutmaster by calling him at home.  He will have the card for you at the next Troop Meeting.


5.     Your Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters can give you the name, address and telephone number of one or two Merit Badge Counselors in your area.


6.     Read the Merit Badge Booklet, COMPLETELY.  Read the requirements. Prepare your answers, type them up.  Many Counselors will let you use your prepared answers when you meet with them.


7.     The SCOUT should call the Merit Badge Counselor and tell him or her that you have completed the work for the Merit Badge and would like to make an appointment.The Counselor will give you a date and time. Check with your Parent to see if they can bring you to the Counselor.  If the date and/or time is not good, call the Counselor back and set up another meeting.  Scouts should not go alone to see a merit Badge Counselor.  Bring a parent, sibling or another Scout.


8.     Bring your three piece Blue Card and your Merit Badge Booklet and notes with you.   BE PREPARED and BE ON TIME !!  If you can’t make the meeting, call the Counselor immediately and set up another meeting.


9.     If your work is complete and acceptable, the Counselor will sign your Blue Card and give you back TWO parts.  He or she should keep the “Counselor part”.


10.  If you do not complete all of the requirements, the Counselor will give you back the three part card un-signed.  He or she should sign off on parts that you have completed.  This is considered a “PARTIAL”. Arrange with the Counselor for another meeting that will give you time to complete any needed work.  


11.   Once you have completed your Merit Badge, bring the TWO part card to your Scoutmaster.  He will register your Merit Badge with Westchester Putnam council.   You will receive your Merit Badge and ONE part of the Blue Card, at the NEXT COURT OF HONOR.     


12.    Return the Merit Badge booklet to the Troop Librarian.  If you 

     purchased a booklet, consider donating it to the Troop Library.


Scoutmaster:            Mr. Peborde              

Asst. Scoutmaster    Mr. Alagno                

Asst. Scoutmaster    Mr. Babak                  

Troop Librarian       Chris F. 


 Note:  this procedure does not apply to earning merit badges during the summer at camp read.

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